Behold I Have Set Before Thee an Open DoorThe purpose of Open Door Baptist Missions is to promote the work of Christ in regions that have been closed to the gospel or that presently have little or no gospel witness. We strive to accomplish this task while the Lord has set before us an open door (Revelation 3:8). This is done through the collective support of local churches.

We stand ready to help fundamental, Bible-believing churches place their missionary candidates on the field of God’s call. It is our desire to give the Gospel to those who have never heard.

We endeavor to partner with those who are already laboring in the harvest fields and help train those who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Monthly Missionary Updates

John & Karen McPherson are excited about the Lord’s leading toward national church leadership in Grenada. Tyrron Polson has told the McPhersons that he believes the Lord wants him to prepare for the ministry at the Bible College in St. Vincent. Then after he has worked with the McPhersons for a few years, Tyrron would become the pastor of Open Door Baptist Church. Pray for the Lord’s continued direction.

► Praise the Lord for the spiritual and numerical growth that David & Roxana Keiser have witnessed in Bible Baptist Temple in Puerto Rico.  The church now regularly has 50–60 people every Sunday. They are actively seeking a larger meeting place. Pray that the Lord would direct them to the right place at the right price. Roxana is expecting their second child on July 9th. Pray for good health for Mom and baby.

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From the Director

Casting all your care upon him; for He careth for you. (1 Peter 5:17) Several days ago we heard that the weather forecast for Saturday was 100% chance of rain. The rains were to begin early Saturday morning at 8:00 AM and continue till 12:00 Noon. Then the rain was to stop until 4:00 PM until another front came through with heavy showers and possible lightening. It was the day of the annual ODBM Golf Tournament. This is our only fund raising event that provides nearly 10% of the mission’s budget. We prayed several weeks before asking God to give us opportunity to play golf without interruption of rain. God answered our request. When this passage says to cast “ALL,” this means we can give anything to our Lord, from the smallest to the largest of our concerns. Are you casting ALL your cares upon Him?

Kim-Axel Kuhr, Assistant Director

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