Behold I Have Set Before Thee an Open DoorThe purpose of Open Door Baptist Missions is to promote the work of Christ in regions that have been closed to the gospel or that presently have little or no gospel witness. We strive to accomplish this task while the Lord has set before us an open door (Revelation 3:8). This is done through the collective support of local churches.

We stand ready to help fundamental, Bible-believing churches place their missionary candidates on the field of God’s call. It is our desire to give the Gospel to those who have never heard.

We endeavor to partner with those who are already laboring in the harvest fields and help train those who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Monthly Missionary Updates

► The terrorists attacks in Paris have brought great sadness to Kristi Colas and France. Pray that:  1. The French believers would choose their words carefully. The magazine “Charlie Hebdo” was known for its mockery of religion, including our Saviour’s Name.  2. That God would open blinded eyes to the Gospel.  3. The Holy Spirit would reveal the wickedness of false religion.

Timothy & Jeanette Joyner are excited about the work that has begun at church to build the new auditorium in Uganda. It is being built to incorporate the old building to maximize the space on the property. They have had the property since 2007 and this is the first step in making the property a permanent Church in this community allowing for growth. On a good Sunday (45-55) the church can be almost full.

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From the Director

Esther faced a difficult situation and a tough decision. Her people, faced destruction from Haman’s devious plan. Yet if she approached the king without his consent it could mean her own death. Mordecai encouraged her to consider that God had put her in a specific place of influence during those difficult days for a purpose, “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14) I am reminded of Esther’s faith and courage when I think of the many ODBM missionaries serving in difficult and dangerous environments around the world. They recognize that in a similar sense, they have been called and sent to preach the Gospel for such a time as today. They have counted the cost and have responded in faith. May we see that God is also calling us to faithfully pray and give in such a time as this.

David Smith, Director

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