For the past two years this church plant outside of Paris, France has been renting the conference room of an Indian restaurant. Kristi Colas, the missionary team, and the church family have been praying for a better place to meet. Through God’s remarkable, sovereign providence, the Lord has provided a wonderful suitable location. Pray for financial provisions to follow. 
David & Roxana Keiser rejoice in the privilege of serving the Lord in North Carolina.  David was officially installed as pastor of Iglesia Bautista Biblica on Sunday, June 4th. The Lord continues to show Himself faithful as he gives strength and wisdom to the Keisers. Already they participated in one wedding & music camp in Mexico. Recently, Roxana led a lady to the Lord. 

Tim & Jeanette Joyner  feel strongly about encouraging young couples in Uganda who are willing to serve the Lord.  It was a blessing to see how many young adults & others from the Parenting Bible Study came to a recent church baby shower for the baby of Dorothy & Jackson. Jackson is a Bible college graduate working in the ministry at First Baptist Church in a suburb of Kampala.  

The majority of the ministry of Paul & Melinda Schlehlein in South Africa is to the young village men who have been raised by their mothers or grandmothers.  These young men have known a life of low education, few jobs, and no missionaries.  Most missionaries flock to the cities. Pray for fruit from their ministry, strong local male leadership, and electricity for their church.