At a recent baptismal service, Seth & Amy Meyers from South Africa were encouraged by one of the young men who wrote four pages for his testimony professing his faith with doctrine & many Bible verses.  A young lady declared her faith in Christ, showing real humility & willingness to obey the Lord Jesus Christ.  A number of unconverted sinners heard these testimonies.

 Harry & Melissa Peart were able to minister to about 70 teachers from various schools in Haiti.  They gave the Gospel while teaching practical and Christian education principles. In response to hearing about persecuted believers, a local pastor said, “I will never again say I am persecuted.”  Everyone gives to Haiti, but Haiti never gives to anyone else.  How can we help?”

Joel & Deanna Porcher in Ghana are reminded to be totally dependent on the Lord as bacterial or parasitic intestinal issues have been a battle.  Home invasions by a drug related gang are also a big problem. Those battles seem small compared to the spiritual battles facing their church.  Pray for their continued protection, good health, wisdom, and spiritual victories in their church.  

Mark & Tacy Tolosa praise the Lord for the new church building that the Lord has provided.  The church family is taking on much more responsibility for maintenance and grounds keeping. Spiritual growth and life changing decisions are being made.  Much time has been spent making neighbors know of their presence, inviting them to services,  and witnessing. Pray for fruit.