►Dolly Wong is trusting the Lordto bring forth fruit for His glory in a farming community in Taiwan. Disasters do not always direct people’s attention to seek the Lord.  After a recent typhoon, most people’s hearts were hardened by the hardship and thus their idolatrous worship intensified.  Dolly prays that her teaching ministry will encourage and equip national believers to pierce the darkness with the Gospel.

►Tim & Jeanette Joyner are thankful for the many who partner with them in ministry in Uganda. They are planting Open Door Baptist Church.  God has blessed their dogged evangelistic and discipleship efforts with lasting fruit in the form of several young people who are growing and serving alongside them.  Pray that these will remain faithful, stand strong against temptation, and reproduce to make new disciples.

►Challenges often bring renewed and new opportunities to share the Gospel.  Recently Eric & Cathy Chapman reported a robbery at their rural location in Lithuania.  Through this trial God has re-opened a door with a 33-year old man who has heard the Gospel but remains lost.  There have also been new opportunities to share the Gospel with two young men.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts. 

►God’s extraordinary grace and mercy continue to be demonstrated as Kristi Colas ministers in France and beyond.  The Church in France was edified during a recent music camp through the preaching, teaching, music, and fellowship.  Developing Gospel relationships requires perseverance and patience. During a walk, a young woman tearfully admitted, “I want to know more about Jesus, but I’m scared...”