Kristi Colas is excited about local churches in France helping a national missionary from Mexico reaching the lost on Mayotte, a French island where 97% of the population is Muslim. They packed a shipment of clothes, food and children’s Bible story CDs.  Pray God will use His Word in the lives of these living in darkness in Mayotte.

Tim and Jeannette Joyner are rejoicing for how the Lord is blessing the ministry in Uganda. Daphne, was saved after attending their Ladies conference. At the 5-Day Club, several children and one of their mothers also came to Christ.   Pray for these recently saved and that God would send two missionary families to help them in this growing ministry. 

Harry and Melissa Peart are praising the Lord for His blessing on their school for the Deaf in Haiti and for the great progress their students have made this year. In about a year the daughter of a witch doctor has learned to use sign language, write, read, sew and has also been faithful to church. Please pray for her salvation as well as for the many other deaf children they serve.

Elena Caballero has just returned from Guatemala and is giving God the glory for what she was able to accomplish. She was able to lay the foundation for a complete curriculum for teaching deaf children. She was also able to train a co-worker to continue helping national churches establish Deaf ministries. Please pray God will bring fruit for His glory.