Missionary Dilemma - Seth Meyers, missionary in South Africa  

Should I preach at a poor, village church if the pastor invites me? 
I’ve met a man who is a pastor in a village about an hour away. Though at our initial meeting he offered some good answers to my questions about salvation, since then I have seen several flags that he has been influenced by prosperity preachers. Since he asked me to come preach, should I go with the gospel on my lips for a congregation that may not have heard it? Or, since I know that it commonly takes people months and even years of studying the Bible to see the light, and since I may have been invited simply for the novelty of my melanin levels, and since my presence there may endorse his ministry, should I decline the invitation?

Missionaries face complex challenges daily. They need our prayers for safety, wisdom, discernment, boldness and grace while ministering to others.

David A. Smith (Director)