For more than 15 years, “Terry” has faithfully served the Lord in a restricted region in Asia.  She builds relationships and shows God’s love to those around her while working a job.  The fruit from her labor can be slow but ithas great heavenly rewards.  Pray for wisdom, unity & love among co-workers, open doors to develop relationships, and a good work testimony.

Barbara Soucy is active in the ministries of soul winning,  encouragement, teaching English, and children’s work in Thailand. Two people were recently saved.  It is the rainy season in Thailand, and flooding can make travel difficult in the rural locations she often ministers. Pray for safety in travels, fruit from her ministry, and for the processing of her work permit

Alvin & Sharon Weiss praise the Lord for two men recently being saved, and for the Christ-honoring graduation programs at the Christian school in Mexico.  Pray for the graduates to follow the Lord’s leading, finances for the upcoming school year, wisdom for the teachers, and that the students will pursue Christ.  Lastly, pray for lasting fruit from summer camp and VBS ministries.

Stephen & Tammi Wess face the ongoing reality that people in the Las Vegas, Nevada area move often making church planting difficult. They praise the Lord for spiritual growth in their church family.  The Wess family leads their church in building relationships and making disciples in their community.  God has opened doors through Little League baseball to be salt & light in their community