God’s Word records for us in in 2 Chronicles 14 - 16:7 how Asa, king of Judahwas faced with an enemy (Ethiopian) consisting of a one million men army, while Asa had only half as many. Asa was a righteous man before God. He removed altars of the foreign gods in high places (the sacred pillars and wooden images). Asa commanded the people of Judah to seek the Lord God, to observe the law and His commandments. Faced with such odds, Asa cried unto the Lord, his God, and said “Lord, it is nothing for you to help, whether with many or with those who have no power; help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on you and in your name we go…”   In Chapt.16 Asa is confronted again with another enemy, Baasha king of Israel. Rather then relying on the Lord again Asa depended on Syria to save him. The prophet Hanani rebuked Asa for relying on Syria. God took away a great victory which could have been Asa’s. Who are you trusting in when you encounter great trials in your life?


Kim-AxelKuhr (Assistant Director)