Alvin & Sharon Weiss are excited to see national leadership develop in their ministry in Mexico  They began the new school year with staffing needs met & a good spirit. Their daughter, Alicia is the acting principal. Alicia & her husband Oscar also help in the Children’s Home ministry & are responsible for 4 boys who are living with them.  Pray for finances.

This summer, during 4 weeks of camp there were at least seven professions of faith through a ministry in Asia.  Other children made spiritual decisions.  Even camp counselors said they learned a lot and were challenged in their Christian walk. Pray for parents who  attend their child’s classes to be open to the Gospel and supportive of their faith.

En Khan & Lun Kham  praise the Lord for His provision & protection of the ministry of the school & church.  The school ministry is doing well & the church is able to increase their outreach ministries.  They have more new members in their church than ever before.  Their church plant is growing & in need of a larger place to meet.  This fall, En Khan is speaking & teaching in churches in various places in Myanmar.

Stephen & Tammi Wess have faithfully been church planting in Nevada for almost 10 years. They live in a very transient area.  Their ministry has included many military families who come & stay for 4 or 5 years.  They come, grow in the Lord, and then leave to serve the Lord in another local church as sent by their military assignments. Pray for mature believers to come, stay, & serve.