Recent communication from Tim & RoseAnne Bower in Haiti give us a fresh reminder of how important it is to regularly pray for the safety of our missionaries. The situation in Haiti has been described as “heated.”  Schools have been shut down, roads blocked, & violence is present. Pray for peace & that innocent people will not be injured in the unrest.

Paul & Melinda Schlehlein wrote recently that 40-50 people gathered at their Sunday evening service in South Africa.  The prayer meetings of this little church are run completely by the people themselves. In this African village, there are mostly single-parent homes where the “golden calf people” worship  is sexual promiscuity. Pray for purity.

 Timothy & Jeannette Joyner serving   in Uganda wrote about some of the lessons that can be learned from the life of Moses. 1.  God did not seek Moses’ opinion or suggestions about going to Egypt. 2.  At times, God calls us to difficult tasks. God promises to be with us. 3.  Moses resists God as he doesn’t have all the answers, the abilities, or qualifications. God is all sufficient & His will is not an option.

September’s highlight was the baptism of 2 men resulting in 3 new members added to the membership of Steadfast Baptist Church in MichiganMark & Tacy Tolosa praise the Lord that the church is as strong as it has ever been since they started in 2010. They are grateful for the good spiritual condition of the people. Pray for Tacy’s recovery from recent cancer surgery & decisions about future treatment.