The ministry of Dan & Edna Cadavos in the Philippines goes forward by prayer.  Each morning from 5-6:00 am a number of men from their church meet for prayer.  Dan also meets with a group of 5-6 mountain pastors each Monday for a day of prayer and training in the Word.  Recently 4 youth and 3 adults were baptized. Edna’s cancer treatments continue to be effective.

God has shown Caitlan Reid the HUGE need of ministry at Santiago Christian School in the Dominican Republic.  She has developed a good relationship with the children in the school, which has allowed her to share the Gospel with them.  The Lord has used a recent conference to remind Caitlan of the sufficiency of Scripture and that the heart is the only way to lasting life changes.

This is summer time for En Khan & Lun Kham in Myanmar. During the summer En Khan has a busy schedule with ministry opportunities in four different areas of Myanmar.  During these times he ministers to those interested in full time missionary service, teaches a Christian Discipleship program, and encourages national pastors.  Pray for God’s provisions and safety.

►Don & Betty Ross continue to make contacts for Film  Evangelism.  The film  “Winning is Everything!” was post-dubbed from Spanish to English.  It has the true testimony of a pastor in Mexico &  a strong gospel witness.  Pray for future projects & language recordings.  Extra DVDs are available in Creole, Nepali, Tamil, Cameroon Pidgin, & Spanish (foreign shipping fees are not included).