In April Seth & Amy Meyers reported their first baptism and testimony service at the new church plant in their home in South Africa.  Recently, they have seen 3 adults come to Christ with some sweet evidence of grace in their lives.  Combined with the believers from the past few years, they should have 7 adult members to start the new church.

Paul & Melinda Schlehlein are co-workers of the Meyers in South Africa.  Paul recently wrote compassionately about their bond: “By loving the Meyers clan you are loving the Schlehleins.  Some have faithfully prayed for and even financially supported Seth and Amy through the years without personally knowing them. This is “proxy love.” This is how love looks.”

Dave & Shawn Smith from the Home Office, continue to serve those on the front lines preaching the Good News. In January, Shawn & Hayley served in a ladies conference at beautiful Camp Bossier in Haiti.  At the end of April, Dave & Shawn will be visiting missionaries serving in restricted areas of Asia. Pray that they will be an encouragement to those they meet.

God continues to grow His Spanish speaking church in North Carolina. David & Roxana Keiser are encouraged by the spiritual growth of the brethren and are excited as more are becoming involved in the church activities.  God is working in the hearts of church families.  The Keisers have had good opportunities to visit both church families and those in their community.