On May 1 Kristi Colas celebrated 10 years of ministry in France.  The smoke damage to the building the church is buying is being cleaned up this week. The damaged floors & ceiling still need to be replaced.  Pray that God would increase their faith in His sovereignty through this trial. Pray that the students in Kristi’s English class  would understand & believe the Gospel.

Barbara Soucy returned from 3 months in Thailand.  The Lord has given her opportunities to serve on a short-term basis in a ministry that she served in many years earlier.  She teaches, mends torn clothing, and develops relationships with children and teens so that she can disciple them.  It is the desire of the ministry to raise up children who love and serve the Lord.

Mark & Tacy Tolosa continue to express their gratitude for the support and prayers from faithful churches & individuals.  In 1975 they were supported by Michigan churches to help start a mountain church in SE Kentucky and now mountain churches in eastern North Carolina are supporting them to plant a church in Michigan.  Recently they began a new member’s class.

 Ryan & Jen Horkavy continue to praise the Lord for all that He is doing through Crossroad Baptist Church in Arizona.  Pray for God’s wisdom and provision in the completion of the church building.  The people of the church have taken steps of faith again and again.  Pray that during these “stretching times” God will continue to bless them and grow their faith.