During a Bible study, in Uganda Tim & Jeannette Joyer began the book of Esther.  They looked at “A Man named Mordecai.” In Esther 1:21-23, it was emphasized that God does not forget his faithful servant. In Matthew we are told that even a cup of cold water given in the name of the Lord will be remembered...the picture in Esther 10:3 is a reminder of that truth.

Developing relationships for Salem & Elvira Jaraiseh in Asia may begin at work, through casual contact or even through the internet. Bible studies have begun recently over the internet on topics of discipleship for two new believers. One of the new believers is an Arab. Pray for him to grow in Christ. A new church began in March with about six families.

Mark & Tacy Tolosa are grateful for God’s protective hand during Mark’s recent surgery.  Mark had emergency heart surgery, a quadruple bypass.  He came home two days after the surgery is recovering at home in Michigan.  The doctors said his heart is strong.   Pray for healing and that Mark will regain his strength quickly with no complications.  A retired pastor is filling in for Mark.

 Paul & Melinda Schlehlein describe sin as grapes that come in clusters.  Historic heresy (like ancestors worship) and modern apostasy (like God always wants you well) lead to a glut of other crimes-like selling the farm to buy a gold-plated casket. At funerals in South Africa, Paul shares the gospel in 1 week to more people than in 6 months of evangelistic visits.