John & Karen McPherson praise the Lord that church is going well & attendance is steady.  The spirit of the fellowship in Grenada is really encouraging. Pray for wisdom  & guidance as the landlord wants to sell the property where their church meets. Their little church cannot afford the $112,000.00 US he is asking.  Pray for the Lord’s will for some land promised to the church.

Recently Harry & Melissa Peart visited a nearby church in Haiti with their deaf teachers. The pastor was amazed that the deaf could communicate and learn.  He got a burden to reach the deaf in his area. They have been averaging 20 deaf people each week. This church continues to grow & each time they visit, Harry has been able to lead a soul to the Lord.

Alvin & Sharon Weiss are excited to hear good reports about the VBS & camp held in Mexico. They are grateful for the Lord’s protection in all the transportation & activity. Spiritual victories are the most important.  As the Christian school prepares for the new year, pray for the enrollment to support the financial needs. Pray for their granddaughter who was born with serious medical needs.

Inmates & former inmates have recently called Scott & Shelley Krystowiak to express how the Bible courses through their USA-Prison ministry have helped them be more faithful to God & grow spiritually so that they can live a life that is pleasing to God.  Legacy International Seminary is available online to biblically educate missionaries, national pastors and other believers.