Caitlan Reid in the Dominican Republic writes that she is preparing a curriculum on the fruits of the Spirit where she is a teacher/counselor in the Christian School. She is developing relationships individually & in small groups.  God has given her opportunities as she also coaches a basketball team in the school. Pray as she reaches out to the families and students.

 John & Karen McPherson  in Grenada ask prayer for Tyrron as he takes seminary courses, preaches in the church, and continues to build his house near the church.  Dorian did not affect them with rain which gave them time needed to work on the construction of the house. They were told that the church building and land may be sold. Pray for wisdom and leading.

 Our missionary in the Middle East reports that the political situation is often volatile. Pray for the  family as they have financial needs for their children’s higher learning and that scholarships may be provided. His father is suffering with cancer and would appreciate your prayers for his health. There is always a need for protection as they go about their work and ministries.

Tim & Jeannette Joyner in Uganda have arrived for a 4-month furlough to  share God’s blessings on their ministry. They reported that in their absence the 5-day club had an attendance of 119 the last night. Pray for Jeannette’s sister who is undergoing chemo for 4 stage cancer. They enjoyed a visit to the ODBM’s home office where they shared many needs and prayer requests with the staff.