It was a blessing to start the new year by meeting with church planters and pastors.  Our annual ODBM Church Planters Conference was held in conjunction with the National ARCH Fellowship conference in Bradenton, FL.  Our ODBM group of 18 (representing churches from AZ, NE, NC, SC, WA & WV) joined over 200 pastors from all across America and some foreign countries.  While the bright Florida sunshine was welcoming, the fellowship around prayer and Bible preaching was even more enriching.  The sharing of blessings and burdens, and then praying for one another was time well spent.  While contemplating the ongoing task of proclaiming the Gospel to those who have still not heard in 2019, it seemed fitting to begin the year focusing on the needs and opportunities in our “Jerusalem and Samaria.”  Please continue to pray for ODBM as we strive to make disciples of Jesus and plant churches in America as well as in the uttermost parts of the earth.

Dave Smith  (Director)