In a recent prayer letter, Seth & Amy Meyers’  described 10 church plants in South Africa where they are/or have been involved. Some of these “churches” are mere church plants representing the gospel labors of at least 1 servant of God for years.  You may see shades of the church at Corinth, but Paul still called them saints.  Pray for a great work of revival & conversion.

 Brian & Jennifer Buckley continue to progress in their language study in Asia. Praise the Lord for the growth of a new believer in her faith. Pray for continued development of relationships, language acquisition, the spiritual growth of new believers, &  necessary funds for the continuation of language study for 2019. They need to raise an additional $3,500 for their studies.

 Dan & Edna Cadavos are excited about the great number of folks who have come to Christ  during the past year through their ministry in the Philippines. The growth in their mountain pastors’ discipleship/leadership program has yielded very positive effects to their outreaches and home churches.  Pray for Edna as she continues to battle cancer in her leg and hip.

There is great excitement as Ryan & Jennifer Horkavy come closer to completing their first church building in Arizona. Pray for all of the pieces of this project to come together without delay or problems. The area surrounding the church has seen the development of many houses with more to come. They are actively making disciples and training young adults for ministry.