Our Director, David Smith & I, had the privilege of going to Myanmar (former Burma) for two weeks to look with our own eyes at the ministry that is taking place through ODBM missionary, En Khan Kham. Dave and I were both very impressed by the ministry that is taking place on the other side of the world. En Khan teaches at the seminary & follows up with graduates who are church planting. We visited an orphanage of 40+ students just outside of Yangon. The orphans are well trained in all disciplines but particularly so in the Word of  God. Two of the students were able to recite  Mathew 24-26. We also traveled to the Chin State along the border of Bangladesh. During the 5 days  we stayed there each of us taught & preached 17 times. What a blessing to see faithful attendees, including pastors, deacons, & local people, who loved God’s Word. They were so eager to hear & learn what we had to say. I am reminded in Col. 3:16 that God’s Word dwell in us richly in all wisdom so as to teach & admonish one another …… with grace. Kim-Axel Kuhr Asst. Dir.(Assistant Director)