Open Door Baptist Missions (ODBM) exists and operates as a ministry of Morningside Baptist Church (MBC) in Greenville, SC.  While most mission agencies are para-church organizations that exist independently to serve local churches, the number of missions founded by local churches to serve local churches is growing.  ODBM’s offices are located in MBC.  This saves thousands of dollars in mortgage/rent, utilities, and office operation costs each year.  These savings are passed on to missionaries through reduced administrative fees which are then passed on to the churches who support them.  All biblically-driven mission agencies recognize the authority of local churches in sending missionaries.  As the Director of ODBM, I love that while our staff works in global missions, we perform our daily tasks in a local church.  I’m grateful for my local church (MBC) and the role it plays in allowing ODBM to serve local churches worldwide.


Dave Smith (Director)