Alvin & Sharon Weiss are thankful for those who faithfully stand by them in prayer & support as they minister in Mexico.  God has used their supporters to show His goodness to them. Praise the Lord for a grandchild church of 40, which grew as a result of the efforts of a church plant after an earthquake in 2017. Another church plant bought land & needs funds for a building.

The kind of men that Scripture applauds is South Africa’s greatest need.  Paul & Melinda Schlehlein have found that the African men in rural areas are often slow to grow into mature leaders.  Cultural habits, like absentee fathering, delayed adolescence, & idleness hamper progress.  Paul meets almost every morning with gifted men to study the Bible & encourage them to mature.

 Tim & Jeannette Joyner in Uganda were invited to Kenya for Tim to preach at the wedding of a man who he has known since he was young. It was an encouragement to see the growth in the community & church they began 29 years ago. The Joyners are paying the fees (approx. $150 / term) for the education of  a saved, albino young lady, Mary Conquer. If you would like to help, contact the Mission office.

A man was an occasional attender at Stephen & Tammi Wess’ church in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The death of the man’s cousin opened the door for Stephen to share about the raging spiritual warfare on earth.  He then took him to Romans 8:28-39 & showed him that God will save, preserve, & sustain those who are on His side. After some time, the Lord broke down the walls & opened his eyes to receive Jesus.