Recently Barbara Soucy returned to Thailand for a 1 month short-term missions trip.  Annually she has made several trips to Thailand to serve in the ministry where she had been full time in the past.  For the love of Christ, she re-connects with the children in the school & adults to encourage, mentor, love & serve as she teaches, mends clothes, & visits those in remote areas.

Reports of civil disturbances are being heard from all over the world.  Tim & RoseAnne Bower have been familiar with reoccurring violence in Haiti during their many years of service.  Familiarity does not make difficult situations any less disturbing. Recently, the Bowers had to leave Haiti until the situation becomes more peaceful.  Pray for safety for those who remain.

 Caitlan Reid works at a Christian school in the Dominican Republic.  She is asking questions as did the disciples. How can these kids be saved when they don’t see that they have a need?  How can I help them see their spiritual needs when every other type of need seems to be fulfilled for them?  Am I having any impact on eternity? She has seen God working & is continuing with discipleship that connects to the heart.

Doug & Donna Lowery are excited about the ministry opportunities Doug has as he has begun Uber-ing and Lyft-ing.  He has reported passengers from 54 countries.  He continues to give out Gospel tracts and minister to passengers.  Later this spring they will be ministering in 3 churches. The annual NYSET Evangelism ministry in the NYC area is scheduled for the end of May. Pray for an effective team.