Much attention has been drawn to the recent fire in the famous Notre Dame cathedral located in Paris, France. Many people in Paris continue to express their frustration with their financial condition.  They don’t see their greatest need, the Savior. They look to the government for meet their needs. Pray for Kristi Colas as she plants seeds of the Gospel in this part of the world.

Praise God, for the renewal of Brian & Jennifer Buckley’s visas for this semester without any problems.  Brian’s language study is beginning to transition to more Bible training and preaching in this  language in Asia. Continue to pray for relationships to deepen with nationals and there would be increased opportunities to evangelize, disciple, & train leaders.

John & Karen McPherson are excited to see national leadership of the church in Grenada continue to develop. Plans for this summer include putting a roof on the home of Tyron the national pastor-to-be and then finishing the inside of their house.   Tyron desires to finish the last year of his seminary education.  Pray for the completion of his training.  Karen had knee replacement surgery & is doing well.

Scott & Shelley Krystowiak are encouraged by the spiritual growth of  the Prison Ministry Bible students.  There are 75 new Bible Institute students since the beginning of the year with students in over 200 different prisons. Pray for opportunities to expand to impact local jails. Scott & Shelley ask for wisdom as they begin Legacy International Seminary, a new ministry branch.