During a recent trip to South Asia I met a young national preacher. When he was young, his father was put in prison and then suffered from a mental illness. His mother was unable to care for him and his siblings, so they were sent to an orphanage. It was in this dark, lonely, and desperate place that he heard Bible teaching from a kind, national pastor. In time he understood the Gospel and responded in repentance and faith. After becoming a Christian, he began teaching other children the Bible. In time he attended and graduated from Bible college, married, and is now planting a small church in a remote village. He continues to teach children the Bible. This young man’s story reminded me of Paul’s teaching in Galatians 4 that God sent Jesus to bear our sin and redeem us so that we could receive the adoption of sons and become joint heirs with Christ. I praise God for the work of the Gospel through which Christ continues to transform orphans into heirs.

 Dave Smith (Director)