The non-stop flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Atlanta takes 16 hours.  Paul & Melinda Schlehlein were flying with their children when 5-year old, Owen whispered, “I can’t breathe.” Later they learned that he had a virus that caused his throat to swell to the size of a string. Praise the Lord, for help from Delta airlines, MDs, & friends. Owen is doing well.

In many countries in Asia it is common for missionaries to be bi-vocational. The apostle Paul was bi-vocational, working as a tent maker to supply for his earthly needs while serving local churches. Dr. Salem works full-time job as a medical doctor & serves in the church. There are severe financial shortages where Dr. Salem works, affecting the regularity of salary payment.
Tim & RoseAnne Bower are completing their last month of a previously unscheduled furlough due to civil unrest in Haiti. Conditions have improved, but there are still small groups of “bandits” lurking about.  They have had good family time & opportunities to connect with supporting churches & individuals while in the US.  Pray for their safety as they return to the field at the end of June.

Iglesia Bautista Biblica is now meeting in the gym of Bible Baptist Church in North Carolina.   David & Roxana Keiser have seen both spiritual &  numerical growth.  Church members are taking responsibility for different areas of service.  Pray for wisdom for important next-step decisions for the church, continued spiritual growth for church families, & salvation of friends of the church.