Alvin & Sharon Weiss are excited about souls that have been recently saved in Mexico.  Pray for their spiritual growth.  In June, Sharon had unexpected surgery in the US. The surgery was successful.  Pray for complete healing & regained strength.  VBS is scheduled for July 29th.  Pray for this time of preparation, including that of lost souls, both children & parents.

Often, Africans confess Christ quickly, but they find it difficult to join the church because it will require them to break with cherished false religion.  Seth & Amy Meyers rejoice for the few in South Africa who have counted the cost, confessed Christ, and are preparing to be identified with Him.  Pray for renewed minds & converted souls from the recent 3-day youth conference.

The ministry of Tim & Jeannette Joyner in Uganda is multi-faceted. Along with church planting Tim teaches Bible Doctrines at East Africa Baptist College.  Jeannette has become an accomplished cake baker & decorator.  Many are blessed by their hospitality.  Their ministry includes Bible studies, prayer meetings, Sunday school, worship services, conferences, public school religious ed., & more.

Don & Betty Ross continue on with film evangelism post-dubbing a few films each year.  Most recently, “Son of the Sea” has been produced in Tagalog for use in the Philippines.  Betty feels good after the amputation.  This process has helped to get all of the  infection out of her body.  Her leg is healing well & she will be getting a prosaic leg soon. It will help with balance & transfers, but not walking.