From the Director - April 2018

All Christians are called to be on mission in making disciples of Jesus.  While fewer American missionaries are being sent in the traditional, career capacity, the opportunities for Christians to be on mission globally are growing.  Many of the darkest parts of the world that are closed to missionaries, are open to Christian business people and other professionals.  There are growing creative opportunities for Christians to be on mission and make disciples world-wide.  While our focus is often on Paul and the other apostles when reading about the wide-reaching missions impact in the Book of Acts, we must remember that the Gospel spread mostly through everyday believers being on mission for Christ.  Regardless of one’s background and career, Gospel opportunities abound.  Christians, especially those beginning their careers, should consider finding secular employment in strategic locations to partner with church planters in the U.S., overseas missionaries and national church leaders for the sake of furthering the Gospel.  

David A. Smith (Director)


Missionary Updates - April 2018

The ministry of Dan & Edna Cadavos in the Philippines goes forward by prayer.  Each morning from 5-6:00 am a number of men from their church meet for prayer.  Dan also meets with a group of 5-6 mountain pastors each Monday for a day of prayer and training in the Word.  Recently 4 youth and 3 adults were baptized. Edna’s cancer treatments continue to be effective.

God has shown Caitlan Reid the HUGE need of ministry at Santiago Christian School in the Dominican Republic.  She has developed a good relationship with the children in the school, which has allowed her to share the Gospel with them.  The Lord has used a recent conference to remind Caitlan of the sufficiency of Scripture and that the heart is the only way to lasting life changes.

This is summer time for En Khan & Lun Kham in Myanmar. During the summer En Khan has a busy schedule with ministry opportunities in four different areas of Myanmar.  During these times he ministers to those interested in full time missionary service, teaches a Christian Discipleship program, and encourages national pastors.  Pray for God’s provisions and safety.

►Don & Betty Ross continue to make contacts for Film  Evangelism.  The film  “Winning is Everything!” was post-dubbed from Spanish to English.  It has the true testimony of a pastor in Mexico &  a strong gospel witness.  Pray for future projects & language recordings.  Extra DVDs are available in Creole, Nepali, Tamil, Cameroon Pidgin, & Spanish (foreign shipping fees are not included).


From the Assistant Director - March 2018

“Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father (Abraham), that thou wouldest send him (Lazarus) to my father’s house: for I have five brethern; that he may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment.”  It is seldom that we hear serious warnings about the torments of Hell. The subject is morbid for those that are lost but we believers should respond in two ways. First, we should praise God for our salvation.  Second, we must warn those that are on the broad path to destruction.  Unless they hear the Gospel and repent, they will suffer eternal torment like the rich man. The lackadaisical attitude among other Christians can be no excuse.  We must go with urgency and compassion, proclaiming Christ, so that many may be snatched from the flames.

Kim-Axel J. Kuhr  (Assistant Director)


Missionary Updates - March 2018

Recently, we were reminded of the importance of faithfully praying for missionaries. Danger is REAL.  A missionary in Uganda, relayed concern about the possible safety of their lives as a result of housing and caring for another missionary whose life and his family’s life was threatened. He was left for dead after being stopped on the road and viciously attacked.

John & Karen McPherson continue to faithfully train & minister in Grenada.  Recently there have been opportunities for the national believers to “try their wings” and trust the Lord. The McPhersons are grateful for good results.  This summer a team is coming to begin building a house for a national pastor who has only 1 more year of studying for the pastorate

In mid February, the church had hoped to sign papers to acquire their first building outside of Paris in France. Soon after Kristi Colas wrote her last update, someone tried to burn down the building. The floors & ceilings need to be replaced, yet the building stood firm.  What men intended for evil, God intended for good. The owner is allowing them to choose the new flooring!

In January, Alvin & Sharon Weiss celebrated 40 years of service in Mexico. On January 24th, they had a special Praise & Thanksgiving service to thank the Lord for His bountiful goodness.  They are also rejoicing over their first ever overnight couples retreat. Twenty-four couples participated. Pray that the marriages and families of those who attended will be strengthened spiritually.


From the Director - February 2018

In 1 Thessalonians 2:9 Paul wrote: “For ye remember, brethren, our labour and travail: for labouring night and day, because we would not be chargeable unto any of you, we preached unto you the gospel of God.”  Paul vigorously defended his integrity against lies and slander spread by his enemies.  Paul and his companions had devoted themselves to back-breaking work while enduring all kinds of hardship for the sake of the Gospel.  “Travail” is a good word to describe a missionary’s labor.  They face security and health risks on a daily basis.  They often feel alone and discouraged.  There are many who oppose them and seek to destroy their reputations.  They persistently plant Gospel seed when the reaping is often rare and the spiritual warfare is intense.  Yet, faithful missionaries plod on to glorify Christ, to preach His Gospel, and to love those who are on the broad road to destruction.  Engage with these missionaries in battle.  Pray for them and encourage them that they may endure hardness as good soldiers.

Dave Smith (Director) 

Missionary Updates - February 2018

S & E (national partners) face many challenges as they minister in Israel. They seek to develop relationships with Arab neighbors and share the Gospel. Recently E had emergency surgery and has learned that she is cancer free.  S is a doctor works as a director for a hospital for special needs patients. Pray for him as he balances his busy schedule.

B & J have been  blessed by a visit from B’s parents just before New Year’s Day. They brought with them documents needed to apply for their student visas.  The documents have been submitted and should be returned around February 5.  Please pray that the process will be successful and that the they will continue to adjust to language and culture in Asia.

 Kristi Colas is thankful for the prayers and generous gifts for her church in France. They are looking forward to moving into their first building shortly.  Church leaders met with the owners of the building before Christmas and were able to negotiate a lower price for the down payment than they had expected. Pray for the necessary work to be completed before moving in. 

Legacy International Seminary, a new ministry of Scott & Shelley Krystowiak continues to progress. It is a distance-learning seminary available online or by DVD. The focus is to provide continuing education for national pastors and Christians abroad who desire to grow in their biblical understanding in order to minister more effectively in their local churches. 

From the Assistant Director - January 2018

I n Mathew 9:38, Christ was moved with compassion as He saw the multitude weary and scattered like sheep without a shepherd. Again, we see in Luke 10:2 Jesus appointing 70 to go before Him to Jerusalem to heal the sick and declare that the Kingdom of God is at hand. In both passages Christ calls for us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Mission boards all over have in recent years experienced a decline in missionaries due to health, retirement, and other reasons. Sadly, few  are answering the call to replace these missionaries who are returning home. There are “Jonah’s” not obeying God’s calling in their lives to herald the Good News. For these reasons we should be on our knees praying urgently that God will send more laborers to proclaim the Gospel. Will you please pray with us in this new year that God will call many new missionaries to join ODBM? Your prayers will bring eternal benefits.

Kim-Axel J. Kuhr (Assistant Director)




Missionary Updates - January 2018

Alvin & Sharon Weiss usually have a good number of visitors before Christmas during their special program at church in Mexico.  There are also special programs at the Christian school at this time.  Pray for fruit to abound from these services & programs. Two men in the church are more open to the Gospel.  Pray that God would continue to work in their hearts.  

Our new missionaries to Asia are excited about opportunities to share about the Savior. They have been playing the piano in church. Their son has played his trumpet several times for special music.  The wife teaches the kids’ Sunday School class & the husband has been teaching adults & preaching once a month. Pray for them as they continue to adapt to a new culture.

In January, Barbara Soucy will be returning to Thailand to a ministry of “helps.”  Bobbi develops relationships with the children & staff at a Christian children’s home as she mends clothing, cares for, teaches, and encourages the children.  She has many practical opportunities to model & teach Christian principles. Pray for health, strength, safety, finances, & effective communication.

Ryan & Debbie Meers are excited to see continued growth that allowed them to move into a “permanent” location in Nebraska. During the month of December, 30 visitors attended the children’s Christmas program.  Pray for continued spiritual and numerical growth, and that many in the community will learn of the new church, go visit, and respond to the Gospel. 



From the Director - December 2017

Many will attend Christmas programs in schools, churches, and other venues across the globe. I’m sure each will be different, with some sharing the Biblical Christmas story of God sending His Son, Jesus, to provide salvation and eternal life to all mankind.  Sadly, many will hear and see the Gospel presented through the Christmas story and yet their lives will be unchanged, continuing on the wide road to Hell.  May we pray with renewed purpose that as many see and hear the Good News this Christmas, their eyes will be opened, and they will repent, trust in Christ alone, and walk in newness of life.  It is also sad that many Christians will watch and hear the Christmas story again and again, while not living the Christmas story.  May we also pray with renewed purpose that we Christians will respond like the shepherds, praising God and proclaiming the Good News abroad.

David A. Smith (Director)

Missionary Updates - December 2017

At a recent baptismal service, Seth & Amy Meyers from South Africa were encouraged by one of the young men who wrote four pages for his testimony professing his faith with doctrine & many Bible verses.  A young lady declared her faith in Christ, showing real humility & willingness to obey the Lord Jesus Christ.  A number of unconverted sinners heard these testimonies.

 Harry & Melissa Peart were able to minister to about 70 teachers from various schools in Haiti.  They gave the Gospel while teaching practical and Christian education principles. In response to hearing about persecuted believers, a local pastor said, “I will never again say I am persecuted.”  Everyone gives to Haiti, but Haiti never gives to anyone else.  How can we help?”

Joel & Deanna Porcher in Ghana are reminded to be totally dependent on the Lord as bacterial or parasitic intestinal issues have been a battle.  Home invasions by a drug related gang are also a big problem. Those battles seem small compared to the spiritual battles facing their church.  Pray for their continued protection, good health, wisdom, and spiritual victories in their church.  

Mark & Tacy Tolosa praise the Lord for the new church building that the Lord has provided.  The church family is taking on much more responsibility for maintenance and grounds keeping. Spiritual growth and life changing decisions are being made.  Much time has been spent making neighbors know of their presence, inviting them to services,  and witnessing. Pray for fruit.

From the Assistant Director - November 2017

Our love for Christ should cause you and me daily to walk in a manner that pleases our Lord.   I Peter 1:22 & 2:1, Peter tells us this, 1) We are to love our brethren with a pure (a sincere and intensive love) and not one that is unfeigned (a hypocritical, pretend, fake). 2) Peter goes further in Chapter 2:1 which says that we also must lay aside all malice (dislike, ill will, or wickedness in our heart) and guile, (deceitfulness in word or action) and all hypocrisies, (being someone you are not) and envies, and all evil speaking. This is what we are to strive daily for with God’s help. This is how we as believers express our love for Christ and the new life our Savior has given us. We need to be the salt and the light in this dark world. Let’s show the world the love of Christ every where God sends us.                                                          

Kim-Axel J. Kuhr  (Assistant Director)

Missionary Updates - November 2017

For the past two years this church plant outside of Paris, France has been renting the conference room of an Indian restaurant. Kristi Colas, the missionary team, and the church family have been praying for a better place to meet. Through God’s remarkable, sovereign providence, the Lord has provided a wonderful suitable location. Pray for financial provisions to follow. 
David & Roxana Keiser rejoice in the privilege of serving the Lord in North Carolina.  David was officially installed as pastor of Iglesia Bautista Biblica on Sunday, June 4th. The Lord continues to show Himself faithful as he gives strength and wisdom to the Keisers. Already they participated in one wedding & music camp in Mexico. Recently, Roxana led a lady to the Lord. 

Tim & Jeanette Joyner  feel strongly about encouraging young couples in Uganda who are willing to serve the Lord.  It was a blessing to see how many young adults & others from the Parenting Bible Study came to a recent church baby shower for the baby of Dorothy & Jackson. Jackson is a Bible college graduate working in the ministry at First Baptist Church in a suburb of Kampala.  

The majority of the ministry of Paul & Melinda Schlehlein in South Africa is to the young village men who have been raised by their mothers or grandmothers.  These young men have known a life of low education, few jobs, and no missionaries.  Most missionaries flock to the cities. Pray for fruit from their ministry, strong local male leadership, and electricity for their church. 


From the Director - October 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering the effects of the hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico. Irma & Maria were of particular concern as we followed their paths across the Caribbean, and were burdened for missionaries and national friends serving in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Then the devastating earthquake hit Mexico unexpectedly. We were relieved to hear that ODBM missionaries and their church family are safe in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Pray for the thousands of people still suffering in Puerto Rico and Mexico, and for the furtherance of the Gospel in those regions. Pray for Christians that while they endure their own suffering, they may be light and extend compassion to others. ODBM serves missionaries and ministries in both Puerto Rico and Mexico. Gifts may be sent to ODBM designated to help with needs in either country. We pray and strive to declare God’s marvelous works and proclaim His salvation to all nations so that they may give Him the glory due His name.

David A. Smith (Director)


Missionary Updates - October 2017

Puerto Rico Baptist College located in Puerto Rico has suffered physical damages to their buildings from the recent hurricanes.  Praise the Lord that lives were spared.  Water, food, electricity, transportation, & communication will be a challenge for months to come. Pray for God’s grace, mercy, & protection as well as the salvation of lost souls during this difficult time.

 Alvin & Sharon Weiss in Mexicoare grateful for the Lord’s hand of protection during the recent earthquake. As a result ofthe tragic collapse of a private school in Mexico City, the government is implementing very strict timely, documented inspection requirements on private schools. Pray for their Christian school buildings to pass inspection in time without great cost. 

En Khan & Lun Kham plead for faithful workers to do the Lord’s work in Myanmar. Right now the Bible school has 70 students. En Khan continues to visit missionaries in neighboring countries, holding seminars, evaluating ministries & encouraging them to stay true to the faith. Some areas of the country are experiencing religious tension & fighting with extremist groups.

Recently, Ryan & Jennifer Horkavy, wrote that Buckeye, Arizona where they live & planted a church is the 7th fastest growing city in the US.  This means more opportunities for spreading the Gospel.  Land/property update:  The church building is dried in with full stucco, doors, locks, and keys. Now the need is for experienced & licensed contractors for the HVAC, electrical, & AV work. 


From the Assistant Director - September 2017

God’s Word records for us in in 2 Chronicles 14 - 16:7 how Asa, king of Judahwas faced with an enemy (Ethiopian) consisting of a one million men army, while Asa had only half as many. Asa was a righteous man before God. He removed altars of the foreign gods in high places (the sacred pillars and wooden images). Asa commanded the people of Judah to seek the Lord God, to observe the law and His commandments. Faced with such odds, Asa cried unto the Lord, his God, and said “Lord, it is nothing for you to help, whether with many or with those who have no power; help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on you and in your name we go…”   In Chapt.16 Asa is confronted again with another enemy, Baasha king of Israel. Rather then relying on the Lord again Asa depended on Syria to save him. The prophet Hanani rebuked Asa for relying on Syria. God took away a great victory which could have been Asa’s. Who are you trusting in when you encounter great trials in your life?


Kim-AxelKuhr (Assistant Director)



Missionary Updates - September 2017

For more than 15 years, “Terry” has faithfully served the Lord in a restricted region in Asia.  She builds relationships and shows God’s love to those around her while working a job.  The fruit from her labor can be slow but ithas great heavenly rewards.  Pray for wisdom, unity & love among co-workers, open doors to develop relationships, and a good work testimony.

Barbara Soucy is active in the ministries of soul winning,  encouragement, teaching English, and children’s work in Thailand. Two people were recently saved.  It is the rainy season in Thailand, and flooding can make travel difficult in the rural locations she often ministers. Pray for safety in travels, fruit from her ministry, and for the processing of her work permit

Alvin & Sharon Weiss praise the Lord for two men recently being saved, and for the Christ-honoring graduation programs at the Christian school in Mexico.  Pray for the graduates to follow the Lord’s leading, finances for the upcoming school year, wisdom for the teachers, and that the students will pursue Christ.  Lastly, pray for lasting fruit from summer camp and VBS ministries.

Stephen & Tammi Wess face the ongoing reality that people in the Las Vegas, Nevada area move often making church planting difficult. They praise the Lord for spiritual growth in their church family.  The Wess family leads their church in building relationships and making disciples in their community.  God has opened doors through Little League baseball to be salt & light in their community

From the Director - August 2017

Missionary Dilemma - Seth Meyers, missionary in South Africa  

Should I preach at a poor, village church if the pastor invites me? 
I’ve met a man who is a pastor in a village about an hour away. Though at our initial meeting he offered some good answers to my questions about salvation, since then I have seen several flags that he has been influenced by prosperity preachers. Since he asked me to come preach, should I go with the gospel on my lips for a congregation that may not have heard it? Or, since I know that it commonly takes people months and even years of studying the Bible to see the light, and since I may have been invited simply for the novelty of my melanin levels, and since my presence there may endorse his ministry, should I decline the invitation?

Missionaries face complex challenges daily. They need our prayers for safety, wisdom, discernment, boldness and grace while ministering to others.

David A. Smith (Director)


Missionary Updates - August 2017

Tim & RoseAnne Bower asked for prayer for real, old fashioned revival of hearts following the spring revival services in Haiti.  God has sent a new pastor with age & ministry experience to lead astruggling church plant that is broken.  Pray for healing of a discouraged people.  Praise the Lord for the spiritual nourishment from a recent week long Bible seminar.

Joel & Deanna Porcher appreciate your partnering in ministry in Ghana.  Joel has been teaching classes on Bible interpretation & the doctrine of the church. Pray for the impact on the students as future church leaders. Their recent radio series include the parables of Christ & marriage issues. They are involved in weekly outreaches in a nearby village, school & rehab facility.

John & Karen McPherson have a divided house this summer.  John is in Grenada & Karen remains in the US for needed dental work.  Tyrron, who is studying for the ministry has been teaching a teen class & preaching some during the summer.  He is also busy building his family a house.  Karen is interacting with piano students via SKYPE as they learn 5-6 beginner level hymns. 

Scott & Shelley Krystowiak have changed their US ministry name to Global Education Ministries.  This umbrella ministry includes More Than Conquerors Bible Institute (prison) & Legacy International Seminary. The new branch of their ministry is a distance learning seminary that is available online or by a DVD, providing a 10-courese, 30-credit hour Master of Biblical Studies Degree.

From the Assistant Director - July 2017

As the Assistant Director of Open Door Baptist Missions my wife, Chris and I, like the missionaries on the field, are supported by churches and individuals,.  We too regularly report to churches and individuals via prayer letters and personal visits.  We just returned from giving a report on our ministry to a church located in North Carolina.  This dear church family has supported us for over ten years.  With humility and gratitude, we expressed our gratefulness for their partnership.  There are not enough words to express our appreciation for the faithful support that we have received.  I am reminded by Paul from Phil. 4:17, “Not because I desire a gift; but I desire fruit that may abound to your odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to the God.”  It is fitting for me to thank each and everyone of you for your faithful prayers and support as you partner with ODBM missionaries around the globe for the sake of the Gospel.

Kim-Axel J. Kuhr  (Assistant Director)

Missionary Updates - July 2017

Dan & Enda Cadavos have confirmed the serious uprising in Marawi. It is about a 5 hour drive from their home in the Philippines.  The situation brings future challenges in ministry to thousands of refugees (mostly Muslim) from that “war torn” area.  The fighting is drug related & not over religion.  Pray for wisdom for the nation’s president, as well as peace & safety.

Brian & Jennifer Buckley have 99% of their support and recently bought tickets for their August departure to Asia. Pray for safe travel, physical, emotional, and spiritual strength as well as housing and language study decisions. Additional support is still needed to reach 100%. They have 60% of their passage fund and 91% of their language fund.

Jason & Melody Fitch are reaching out to the Washington community where they live. They collected an assortment of healthy snacks to fill a basket for a nearby fire station & visited an adult care facility.  Jason was the guest speaker at a youth rally in OR & one little girl accepted Christ as her Savior. Pray for the developing relationship with their next door neighbors & their salvation.

Caitlan Reid is a new missionary appointee with ODBM.  She will be serving the Lord as a counselor in Santiago Christian School in the Dominican Republic. Caitlan’s focus will be counseling from a Biblical viewpoint to meet the behavioral & spiritual needs of the children.  Caitlan also has a burden for orphans & those hardened to the Gospel by trauma