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ODBM General Fund
Traci Angle Asia  
Dianne Barrouk Retired
Tom & Beverly Bell USA - West Virginia
Tim & RoseAnne Bower Haiti
Vision for China China
Ron & Kathy Burget Home Office
John & Merrianna Burnette USA - Director Emeritus
Dan & Edna Cadavos Philippines
Kristi Colas France
Paul & Marla Fields Home Office
Jason & Melody Fitch USA - Washington
Ryan & Jennifer Horkavy USA - Arizona
Salem & Elvira Jaraiseh Middle East
Tim & Jeannette Joyner Uganda
David & Roxana Keiser Hispanic Church Planting
En Khan Kham Asia
Scott & Shelley Krystowiak USA - Prison Ministry
Kim & Chris Kuhr ODBM Assistant Director
Doug & Donna Lowery Evangelism
John & Karen McPherson Grenada
Ryan & Debbie Meers USA - Nebraska
Seth & Amy Meyers South Africa
Harry & Melissa Peart Haiti
Ted & Cathie Perry USA
Caitlan Reid Domincan Republic
Don & Betty Ross Film Evangelism
Paul & Melinda Schlehlein South Africa
David & Shawn Smith ODBM Director
Mark & Tacy Tolosa USA - Michigan
Alvin & Sharon Weiss Mexico
Dan & Anita Wells Ghana
Stephen & Tammi Wess USA - Nevada