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Why do Some Missionaries Have so Many Kids?

By Paul & Melinda Schlehlein in South Africa

In honor of the Supreme Court’s glorious decision of striking down Roe v. Wade, we celebrated by having our eighth child. Baby Katie was born on Sunday, 26 June, at 7:30 p.m.

Lindy Katharina Schlehlein

Mama is happy and healthy. Lindy is in honor of the name of endearment I use for Melinda. Katharina is a German name in honor of Melinda’s mother. We’ll call her Katie.

Ten Benefits of Children on the Mission Field:

  1. They soften awkward moments.

  2. They speak the language properly.

  3. They are less threatening.

  4. They show the locals that their parents are committed.

  5. They provide comic relief.

  6. They help the missionary teach parenting.

  7. They serve in church life.

  8. They make the foreign field home.

  9. They attract other children.

  10. They guarantee the church won’t be empty.

Why So Many Kids?

The chief reason we have so many children is God’s grace. He opens and closes the womb. We deserve none of it, but as long as God keeps handing out blue and pink parcels, we’ll receive them with earnestness and joy.

But the practical reason we want a quiver full is because we want to raise a household of troublemakers. There are two people given this moniker in Scripture. Achan is called a troubler (2Chr. 2:7) because of his unrighteousness. Elijah (1Ki. 18:17) is called a troubler because of his righteousness. We want the latter!

We Want Godly Troublers!

We want to raise kids so immersed in Scripture that they’re a nuisance to Satan’s reign, a distress to the world’s agenda, and a problem for our culture’s godless worldview. We pray that when the Citizens of Babylon see the Schlehlein kids coming, it’s Katie Bar the Door. Trouble’s coming.

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