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A Burma Missions Story

From Judson to modern-day national missionaries, God is continuing to build His Church throughout Myanmar. The post below was written by missionaries serving in Asia.

Adoniram Judson is known as America's first foreign missionary. He served in Burma, known today as the country of Myanmar. God called him to suffer greatly. He lost three wives and several children to illness and disease. He was falsely accused and suffered atrocities in prison. He labored for years with only a few converts. However he persevered, translated the New Testament into Burmese, and discipled the first converts which led to the slow but steady growth of the Church in Burma.

Adoniram Judson - America's First Missionary - Planting Seeds in Burma

To our knowledge Judson was the first missionary to proclaim the Good News to Burma in the modern era. Sadly today much of Myanmar is still lost in darkness. The Joshua Project ranks Myanmar as having the 13th largest unreached population in the world. The majority of the country (45 million - 83% of the population) has never heard the true Gospel.

Buddhism - Past & Present in Myanmar

But there is hope for Myanmar. As Jesus promised, He is building His Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. Judson labored mostly in and around Rangoon. Today it is called Yangon, and continues to be the largest and most prominent city in Myanmar. This region and most of Burma are Buddhist. Buddhists, both in Judsons day and now, often resist the Gospel. They see themselves as good, moral people, and they view Christianity as the "white man's religion."

Modern Day Yangon

News of the Judson's ministry spread and more missionaries from England and America joined them. As decades passed, missionaries began to spread to the northwest to the Chin State. The Chin people were animists and more responsive to the Gospel than the those that were Buddhist. God blessed the Gospel seeds that were planted which resulted in hundreds of Baptist churches being planted throughout the Chin State.

Early Missionaries Advance the Gospel from Rangoon to the Chin State

While the Baptist churches in Chin State have faced the onslaught of war, famine, natural disasters and even liberalism, many have persevered and stood strong. These believers have endured hardness as good soldiers, passing the baton of their faith from generation to generation while making new disciples and planting new churches. While much of Myanmar remains covered in darkness, dotting the mountains of Chin State are dozens of local "lighthouses" shining the Good News.

Fruit of the Gospel Ministry in Myanmar

In recent years (since 2015), the Holy Spirit has stirred the hearts of believers and prompted church leaders to birth and develop mission efforts. This has resulted in young families surrendering to be missionaries. It is exciting to see Baptist churches in the Chin State and Yangon region send and support them as they preach the Gospel and make disciples among the unreached peoples in far off Shan State and throughout Myanmar. God is blessing these Asian missionary teams with fruit and mission stations and new church plants are sprouting up in some of the most remote regions throughout Myanmar.

Churches in Chin State & Yangon Partner to Send Missionaries to Shan State

Like Judson, these modern day Asian missionaries have suffered greatly. They've endured natural disasters, intense opposition, a national military coup, and subsequent civil war. They've persevered and continue moving forward to advance the Gospel to those who have never heard. They're going where western missionaries can't go, but like Judson and the many who came before them, they desire to make Christ know among every tribe, language, and nation.

Myanmar Missionaries Making Disciples & Planting Churches

I've gone to Myanmar several times over the past 8 years to teach new believers and to help train college students and national missionaries serving in remote regions. Pray with us as we serve alongside church and mission leaders in Myanmar to advance the Gospel and make Jesus' name known among the unreached.

Pray for Myanmar!

Dave Teaching and Working with Church Leaders in Myanmar

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