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Catching the Vision for Reno

A small team from Morningside Baptist Church left Greenville for Reno, Nevada very early on May 6th. Isaac had just graduated from Bob Jones University about 15 hours earlier. Kenneth took time off work in order to return to Reno, after visiting a couple years earlier on another Morningside mission trip. Pastors Dave and Todd were looking forward to visiting with the Hope for Reno team (ODBM missionaries) and connecting more with the Living Hope Church family.

Isaac, Pastor Dave, Kenneth & Pastor Todd

Our primary purpose for going was to learn and catch the vision for Reno. Our instructors - the four ODBM missionary families:

  • Andy & Bryn Gleiser - Andy is the pastor of Outreach & Strategic Multiplication

  • Daniel & Katie Kelting - Daniel is the pastor of Worship & Member Care

  • James & Amy Tilson - James is the Lead Pastor for Preaching & Vision

  • Stephen & Tammi Wess - Stephen is the Pastor for Discipleship & Family Life

Spending time with the four church planters helped us to see Reno through their eyes. While most see Reno as a "mini-Vegas", a dumping ground for frustrated Californians, or an outdoor lovers paradise, the Reno team's passion shone through. They've committed their lives to making disciples in the 2nd most unchurched city of America. We listened, learned, and prayed with them. Here's their vision:

  1. Preach and teach God's Word accurately and clearly

  2. Make disciples of Jesus Christ

  3. Plant an indigenous, thriving church - the Living Hope Church

  4. Reproduce Living Hope Church to plant Gospel churches throughout the greater Reno area

Pray for the Hope for Reno Team:

  1. Pray for spiritual and numerical growth for Living Hope Church.

  2. Pray for open doors and new contacts with those in the Reno community.

  3. Pray for mature believers to join the Hope for Reno team

  4. Pray for unity and Christ-like love among the church family.

  5. Pray for God's provision of a permanent meeting place.

Pray for the Morningside Team:

  1. Pray for wisdom for Kenneth as he prayerfully considers joining the Reno team.

  2. Pray for Isaac as he begins seminary in the fall and serves as a pastoral assistant at Morningside. Pray for God's leading as he has an interest in church planting.

  3. Pray for Pastor Todd as he desires to help missionaries and church planters, especially in their music ministries.

  4. Pray for Pastor Dave as he concludes serving as ODBM Director and begins a new ministry of training Asian pastors and missionaries to advance the Gospel.

Look for opportunities. Go on mission trips.

Spend time with missionaries. Catch their vision!

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