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Don't Forget About Myanmar

Myanmar remains an invisible country in crisis. You won’t hear or see many reports on American news outlets. The 2021 military coup grabbed western attention for a short time, but that has given way to the war in Ukraine and other global crises. Myanmar has once again faded into the background.

A recent report indicates that the U.S. has downgraded its diplomatic presence in Myanmar. Washington has removed our ambassador, a small step along with other governments to send a message that they do not recognize Myanmar’s current military regime.

A tourist might be tempted to think that little has changed, but a closer examination reveals millions suffering in silence. Major cities enjoy a strange kind of calm that is covered by an emotional and spiritual “smog.” The reality of the regime is felt more in the rural areas where regular military checkpoints and occasional skirmishes demonstrate the ongoing civil war.

Myanmar believers are resilient. They’ve endured a myriad of physical, economical, political, emotional and spiritual affliction. Their faith and hope are fixed in Christ. They’ve stayed the course and keep running their race to share the Good News to millions without hope.

Morningside Baptist Church (MBC) and Open Door Baptist Missions (ODBM) are committed to partnering with believers in Myanmar. ODBM missionary, Dr. Kham, was used by God to train national laborers and help launch an indigenous missions movement. Dr. Kham was promoted to glory last year, but left behind a great foundation for our partnership to grow.

MBC & ODBM are thankful to partner with GBTCS, a Bible college & seminary training the next generation in Yangon. A container of theological and ministry books were sent for their new campus. AIM is a national ministry training and facilitating national missionaries serving among Unreached People Groups. We’re committed to partnering with GBTCS and AIM and welcome you to join us. Keep praying for Myanmar!


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