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Good News at Easter

This Easter, we Christians worship and celebrate Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection, which is the Good News. While Bible-committed churches celebrate around the globe, Christians rejoice and worship with one hand while striving to share the Good News with the other. Below are a some ways in which ODBM missionaries are proclaiming the Gospel this Easter.

Literacy classes in South Asia, religious instruction classes in Uganda and a classical Christian school in South Africa are teaching children to read, memorize, understand, and hold on the Scriptures. Over time, the consistent, plodding work of planting and watering seed is producing lasting fruit in good soil.

An ODBMer encouraged a Hindu friend to consider studying the influence of the Bible on English literature as part of a graduate study project. The friend is intrigued and willing to read Pilgrim's Progress and Paradise Lost while studying the Bible.

A bi-vocational church planting couple in the US northwest gained new friends through a drywall job and built redemptive relationships. The wives began a Bible study, which led to a lady's repentance and faith in Christ. The growth is continuing through life on life discipleship.

In war-torn Myanmar, a few who had never heard the Good News before in their lives, are attending sewing school, computer classes, and language school during the day and being taught the Bible and hearing the Good News in the evenings. Some have repented and professed Christ as their Lord and Savior, and are now being discipled.

A teacher of nearly 20 years just recently returned to a highly restricted region to again teach university students while being salt and light and sharing the Good News.

In South Africa, missionaries and US pastors have joined forces to conduct the annual GYM (Godly Young Men) Camp for boys. Most of the boys have no fathers nor male influence in their families. At GYM, church leaders are teaching boys manly skills and the Good News to become godly men on the dark continent.

This Easter, may our hearts erupt with praise and worship, giving thanks and glory to our Lord and Savior. May we also be alert, strategic, and creative in sharing the Good News with as many as possible. May we respond to the Apostle Paul's request and faithfully pray for our churches and our missionaries for God to provide open doors, boldness, and clarity in preaching the Good News (Colossians 4:3-5).

- Dave, ODBM Director

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