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From the Director -September 2022

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul asks him to bring a cloak (2 Tim. 4:13). Then Paul instructs Timothy to also bring the books and especially the parchments. The Word of God is critical to advancing the Gospel today as it was then. Missionaries must be rooted and grounded in the Scriptures to be effective disciple makers. Doors are open for national missionaries to enter the lands of the unreached in ways that Americans cannot, but often their greatest need is sound Biblical training. Two years ago, ODBM collected Bibles, commentaries, theology and ministry books to ship in a 20-foot container to South Asia. Covid, shipping backlogs and even war have hindered their passage, but this month God answered many prayers and the “books and parchments” arrived safely. To God be the Glory!

Dave Smith (Director)

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