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Invisible Soldiers

A key strategy of ODBM to evangelize Unreached People Groups (UPGs) is to assist national churches serving in the neediest regions. ODBM strives to serve American churches in sending missionaries to the 10/40 window, while seeking partners with national churches already serving in those regions. As we interact with national missionaries, our appreciation for them grows. They are humble servants who labor silently, invisible to most of us in the West.

Faculty & Students of the Grace Baptist Theological College & Seminary in Myanmar

National missionaries do not benefit from the same level of prayer and financial support as their western counterparts. Most are bi-vocational to support their families. Like western missionaries they adapt to new surroundings and learn the culture and worldview of those they are evangelizing. They face unique challenges. For example, a national missionary family in rural India recently shared that the greatest threat to their family was a herd of wild elephants migrating in their area that often passed dangerously close to their modest home.

Good Soil seminar on Chronological Bible Teaching with Students in Myanmar

Myanmar has been devastated by a military coup and civil war. Yet some of the greatest gospel advancements among UPGs have been made due to national missionary efforts. A group of baptist churches have sent missionaries to live and serve among UPGs far from home. They have to learn the language, culture and worldview of the UPG. They use creative means like computer classes and sewing schools to make contacts, hold Bible studies and make disciples. God has blessed their efforts and those who were "unreached" are coming to Christ and being baptized.

AIM 40 Days of Discipleship Seminar

National pastors in Myanmar have recently established the Antioch Institute of Missions (AIM) to disciple and train these new believers, trusting that God will send them to evangelize their own unreached people. AIM’s strategy involves a 3-fold plan:

  1. A 40-day Discipleship Seminar

  2. Theological & Missiological Training

  3. A Missionary Internship

Pray for AIM as they build a rural campus strategically located to disciple new believers and train them to evangelize their own UPGs. Pray for ODBM as we strive to train, encourage and partner with these critical, invisible soldiers.

- Dave, ODBM Director

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