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Meet our ODBM Staff

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Learn more about those working behind the scenes at ODBM to serve those battling on the front lines. The ODBM staff has over 200 years of missions experience combined, having served in various facets of cross-cultural ministry. In addition to adult service, five staff members grew up overseas as TCKs (third-culture kids).

Administrative Staff



Dave grew up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea (PNG). He and his wife, Shawn, later returned to PNG to serve as tribal church planting missionaries. He oversees the daily operations of the mission. He loves preaching and teaching on missions in churches and Christian colleges here in the US. He also loves visiting the missionaries on the field and training national pastors and missionaries.

Paul Fields


Paul grew up as a missionary kid in Africa. He met his wife, Marla, at Bible college and they served 40 years as missionaries in Paraguay. He oversees the application process and guiding and assisting new missionaries. He also leads our missionary internship program for college students and young adults. He assists the Director as needed and he and Marla enjoy visiting missionaries on the field when they are able.

Marla Fields


Marla grew up in a pastor's home in Iowa. She met her husband, Paul, at Bible college and they served 40 years as missionaries in Paraguay. Marla serves and assists in the office in many ways. She writes the ODBM monthly updates and corresponds with ODBM missionaries regularly receiving their praises and prayer requests. She enjoys encouraging and assisting the women missionaries.

Financial Staff

Kathy Burget


Kathy grew up in Puerto Rico. Her Dad founded the Puerto Rico Baptist College. She and her husband, Ron, served in South Korea for 2 years and then served 20 years at the Puerto Rico Baptist College training Spanish speakers to reach the Hispanic world for Christ. In her current role as Financial Administrator, she daily assists missionaries with their various financial needs.

Bruce Rampey


Bruce grew up right here in the upstate of South Carolina and has served in various mission agencies for decades providing financial oversight. In recent years, Bruce served as the ODBM Financial Administrator and set up key financial procedures to ensure high integrity in ODBM's financial operations. Bruce currently serves part time, using his accounting experience and expertise to be an invaluable blessing to our ODBM family.

Jennifer Michaels


Jennifer grew up in England, met her husband and then moved to the US. She is the ODBM financial secretary. She enters the financial gifts sent to the mission into the computer system for the appropriate missionary and account. She also receives, sorts and forwards necessary mail to the missionaries.

Special Projects Staff

Kim & Chris Kuhr


Kim grew up in Indonesia as a Dutch national. His family immigrated to the US when he was young. Both Kim & Chris came to Christ as adults. They grew in Christ and served in their local church. Later God called them to serve as missionaries in the Netherlands. In 2010 God led them to ODBM where Kim served as the Assistant Director and Chris served as the Office Manager. Today Kim serves as ODBM's Special Projects Coordinator and Chris assists in those responsibilities. They coordinate the annual Golf Tournament, ODBM's sole fundraiser. They provide oversight on key projects assisting missionaries, and enjoy visiting the fields.

Prayer Focus

The ODBM staff meets together in the “War Room” praying for our missionaries weekly by name. We strive to serve missionaries through encouragement, guidance, and assistance, but the greatest way in which we can help them is through prayer!

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