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Pray For Carriacou

Carriacou is a small Caribbean island that was recently devastated by Hurricane Beryl.  ODBM missionaries, John & Karen McPherson, helped plant Open Door Baptist Church in the 1990s and then served on Carriacou for nearly 30 years shepherding and growing the small church. A few years ago, the McPhersons transitioned back to the US, and turned the church over to a national pastor, Tyronn Polson. We're thankful for how the church has gone forward proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples on Carriacou.

A photo of Pastor Tyronn and his kids after the hurricane. 

The eye of Hurricane Beryl passed directly over Carriacou as a category 4 hurricane. Early reports estimate that over 90% of the island's buildings and structures have been damaged or destroyed. Pastor Tyronn has reported that his family and the families of the church are safe, but their homes have been damaged and the roof of the church building was destroyed.  ODBM missionary John McPherson is going down to Carriacou this week to survey the damage by the hurricane and explore avenues for sending relief aid to the island. Operation Renewed Hope has commissioned John to scout out the situation and needs, and they are already making preparations to send relief supplies. We are grateful for ORH's partnership and help to the people of Carriacou in their time of need. ODBM is also receiving funds to help provide food, relief aid, and building supplies.

Our strategy and desire is to help Open Door Baptist Church repair their church building and their members' homes, which will then enable them to better serve and help others on the island while sharing the Gospel. Please pray for the following:

  1. Safety, good health, and wisdom for John McPherson as he travels to Carriacou this week.

  2. Safety and the well being of the people on Carriacou.

  3. God's provision of finances for needed relief aid and building supplies.

  4. God's leading to open avenues to send relief aid and building supplies to the island.

  5. Open Door Baptist Church to have many opportunities to help the needy and to share the Gospel with those lost on Carriacou.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership to help the needy on Carriacou!

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