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Singles Valued

Our world is changing fast and heading for destruction. Afghanistan, Ukraine, Haiti, Myanmar and other countries are in chaos and bring to mind the biblical warning of wars and rumors of wars.

The 10/40 window was already “stuck” tight, but recent developments feel like that part of the world is being locked and barred. The number of missionary families serving in China through creative means are dwindling fast. Covid policies and government restrictions have enabled authorities to remove children from parents under the guise of health. India has passed anti-proselytization laws making missionaries viewed in some regions the same as terrorists.

New restrictions have not been confined to “closed” countries. France passed a law outlawing homeschooling requiring many missionary families to expose their children to ungodly philosophies and even potential physical harm. These laws are also impacting French territories, and are forcing some missionaries to leave their fields of service.

Kristi Colas serving in France

These challenges and realities shine a light on the critical role of single missionaries. Paul’s advice in 1 Corinthians 7 has a renewed application for those willing to give their all to advance the Gospel in the darkest regions of the globe. One team of missionaries serving in the 10/40 window is hanging on by a thread and consists now of primarily singles. It’s just not safe for families (primarily children) but singles are standing in the gaps.

Emily Snodgrass in Peru

In one of the darkest parts of South Asia, Christians state that the region is just too dangerous for foreign or national missionaries to live and serve. Yet a young single servant is enduring hardness, learning the language and teaching poor, “undesirable” children the Good News. We pray that God will use her and other singles to reach the hardest regions in the same way God used Elizabeth Elliott and Rachel Saint to reach the Waodani of Ecuador.

In most cultures, singles often have less significance than those who are married. Marriage is God’s gift and plan to carry out His command to multiply and fill the earth. Yet at the same time, God loves and uses singles to advance the Gospel for His glory! Pray for single missionaries and pray for more of them!


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