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The Missionary's Endurance

I'm writing this week's post from Uganda, East Africa. The stories here are endless but I'll attempt to share a key narrative that may capture the essence of the missionary's persevering labor of love to plant indigenous churches for the glory of God.

Missionaries Tim (now in Glory) & Jeannette Joyner

Tim & Jeannette Joyner are ODBM missionaries who first served in Kenya for nearly 20 years and planted Faith Baptist Church outside of Nairobi. In time they turned the church over to Kenyan leadership and Pastor Patrick Ouma. God moved them to Uganda where they planted Open Door Baptist Church (ODBC) in Entebbe. In 2021 God allowed Covid to usher Tim into glory. Jeannette lost her beloved husband, and the church lost their faithful shepherd. Jeanette has remained in Uganda serving in the church music ministry, and teaching women and children.

Pastor Patrick Ouma of Faith Baptist Church - Nairobi, Kenya

Pastor John Bosco of Open Door Baptist Church - Entebbe, Uganda

Pastor Patrick Ouma was mentored by Tim for the pastorate. He's faithfully shepherded Faith Baptitst Church (Kenya) for nearly 20 years. He and his wife also founded a Christian school. In addition to his many ministries in Kenya, he has a burden for Uganda. Since Tim's passing, he helped guide Open Door Baptist Church to call an Ugandan pastor - John Bosco. He's a mentor to Pastor John and encourages the congregation to continue growing and going forward for the Lord.

The Ordination of new African Pastors: Adrian & James

My first purpose for being in Uganda this past week was to participate in the ordination of two young men, Adrian & James, who grew up at ODBC and were discipled by the Joyners. It was an incredible blessing for me to serve together with Pastor Bosco, Pastor Ouma, and local missionaries to examine and encourage Adrian and James as they both desire to plant churches.

I met Adrian during my first visit to Uganda about 10 years ago. He was a teenager then and I remember the joy of witnessing his baptism by Tim Joyner. Adrian's passion for life and for Christ was infectious. He grew up in a Catholic home and attended the 5-Day Bible Club at ODBC. Even though his mother forbid him to attend the Baptist church, he kept going. He heard the Gospel and in time repented of his sin and trusted in Christ for His salvation. It's been a joy to watch his spiritual growth and service in music, teaching, and preaching over the years during occasional visits. I look forward to seeing how God uses Adrian to advance the Gospel and make disciples.

ODBC Men's Leadership Retreat - Uganda

My second purpose for coming to Uganda was to serve in a men's leadership retreat for ODBC. While our numbers were small (about 14), it was a blessing to teach with Pastor Ouma to encourage and train these men how to be godly leaders. Along with many sessions on Biblical leadership, we enjoyed great Ugandan food, prayer, singing, and heartfelt fellowship.

Open Door Baptist Church - Entebbe, Uganda

The planting, growing, and now the reproducing stages of Faith Baptist Church (Kenya) and Open Door Baptist Church (Uganda) have not been easy, but thanks to the endurance and faithful ministry of Tim & Jeannette Joyner, God has blessed with abundant fruit that remains. Tim is rejoicing in Heaven, having finished his race. Pray for Jeannette and the African believers as they continue making disciples, training leaders, and planting churches. May we all endure hardness, serve faithfully, and finish our races well.

- Dave, ODBM Director

Lake Victoria - near the source of the Nile River - Uganda

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