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New ODBM Offices

Open Door Baptists Missions moved their offices to a new location within Morningside Baptist Church. The move enabled ODBM to design the new office space to better meet the needs of serving missionaries around the world.


Special thanks to key volunteers: Chris Arthurs, Karen Darst, Chris Lambert, Rich Streeter, Bethany Webb & Dan Wilkin.


The new office spaces are custom designed to enable staff to better serve missionaries on the field as well as give guidance, training and assistance to mission interns and those considering missionary service

On June 19th, ODBM will host a mini open house after the morning service at Morningside Baptist Church.

ODBM Staff (from left to right): Kathy Burget (Financial Administrator), Marla Fields (Office Assistant), Paul Fields (Assistant Director), Dave Smith (Director), Chris Kuhr (Special Projects Assistant), Kim Kuhr (Special Projects Coordinator) & Bruce Rampey (Financial Consultant).

Thank you to all those who served to make the new offices possible!

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