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What's Happening in Haiti?

Update from the Peart Family regarding Haiti

We want to begin by sharing some harrowing and very discouraging statistics that illustrate the reality that now exists in Haiti. (Source: Haiti Health Network)

Number of Haitians dying daily due to hunger - ​562

Yearly food inflation rate - 53%

​Yearly kidnappings in Haiti (population 11.5 million) - 857

Yearly kidnappings in Mexico (population 130 million) - 650

Percentage of capital city under government control - 10%

Individual armed groups operating in Haiti - 200

Healthcare facilities reporting staff shortages - 85%

Healthcare facilities reporting difficulty maintain supplies - 100%

Number of elected officials in Haiti - less than 1%

When we read these statistics, our hearts broke. Our Haitian people are suffering, and there is very little that we, or anyone else, can do to help them. There seems to be a larger, political and Satanic force at work which seems bent on destroying the country of Haiti. In past years, international forces have already intervened to help, but no one is offering help at this time. Our Haitian people sadly lament that "sel Bondye", or "only God" can help them.

We are thankful that we are still able to have a small part in helping the people of St. Raphael and surrounding areas through our churches and Christian schools. Each month, through your faithful support, we are able to continue to pay our faculty and staff who work tirelessly in difficult circumstances to provide Christian education to the almost 700 children in our 4 Christian schools. This month, thanks to a special offering from one of our churches, we will be able to send in extra money to provide special snacks for the children and bonuses for our teachers as they celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day in May. We are also going to be able to send funds for a tin roof to replace the tarp at the new church plant. The continued faithful giving allows this ministry to serve as a beacon of Christ's love in a very dreary way of life that our people are experiencing. We are so thankful for God's provision through God's people.

Please earnestly pray for our people, churches, and schools in Haiti. Let us labor together in prayer that the Lord would sen a miracle of deliverance for the country and give daily help and strength for the Haitian believers.


- Souls Saved

- Faithful Churches praying for Haiti and giving to help with the countless needs

- God's Hand of direction, protection, and blessing

Prayer Requests:

- More Souls to be Saved

- Continued peace and stability for Haiti

- Continued support for the ministries in Haiti

Harry & Melissa Peart

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