Behold I Have Set Before Thee an Open DoorThe purpose of Open Door Baptist Missions is to promote the work of Christ in regions that have been closed to the gospel or that presently have little or no gospel witness. We strive to accomplish this task while the Lord has set before us an open door (Revelation 3:8). This is done through the collective support of local churches.

We stand ready to help fundamental, Bible-believing churches place their missionary candidates on the field of God’s call. It is our desire to give the Gospel to those who have never heard.

We endeavor to partner with those who are already laboring in the harvest fields and help train those who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Monthly Missionary Updates

Tim & RoseAnne Bower reported at the end of 2014 that the lawsuit against the mission property in Haiti has been thrown out of court. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. Recently, on the way home from camp, two Haitian teenagers were injured during a tragic bus accident. One teen, the bus driver’s son, was killed as the bus rolled backwards over him. Pray for the grieving family and friends.

► More Than Conquerors Bible Institute is helping men and women to study the Word while in prison. Scott & Shelley Krystowiak reported that more than 450 men and women have been enrolled in the Bible study program; over 100 have received the one-year Bible certificate; 55 have received a two-year associates degree; 25 have finished the three-year program and graduated with a degree in Theology.

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From the Director

When we think of Moses, we usually think of meekness, defending truth, and leadership. A key element of his leadership was preparing Joshua to take his place in leading Israel. In Deuteronomy 3:27-28, God confirms His decision to not let Moses lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. Instead, God instructs Moses to charge, strengthen, and encourage Joshua so as to prepare Joshua to take Moses’ role. Part of the extended discipleship task for missionaries is preparing local, national believers, and passing the baton of leadership to them. This transition is challenging, but critical to the future of indigenous churches. Missionaries need wisdom, skill, humility, tenderness, and patience. They must be committed to developing and encouraging national leaders. We must also support our missionaries in their leadership transitions through faithful prayer!

David A. Smith, Director

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