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Myanmar Update

While Chaos Rages …

Since the military coup in February 2021, the past year and a half have brought terror, devastation and agony to the people of Myanmar. A total of 14,847 people have been arrested since the coup, while 11,759 remain in detention, according to AAPP Burma. Countless others have lost their lives at the hands of the military and during the ensuing civil war. Peace and restoration of law and order do not appear to be on the horizon. Just this month four pro-democracy activists were falsely accused of committing "terror acts" and executed.

Two key pro-democracy leaders were executed in July. (Source:

The Gospel is still Advancing!

In the midst of great affliction and persecution, the Baptist churches in Myanmar continue to pray for the spiritually lost without hope, and send national missionaries from their midst to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

National missionaries are establishing mission stations among Unreached People Groups.

Missionaries are being Sent

National missionaries are leaving their homes and moving their families to live among Unreached People Groups, and using creative means to establish mission stations to preach the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus.

Going, Teaching and Baptizing

The Holy Spirit continues to bless missionary evangelization efforts with individuals in many towns and villages responding to the Gospel in faith and repentance. We rejoice in those who are being baptized and following Christ.

How Beautiful are the Feet

of them who preach the Good News. ODBM is thankful to partner with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar through prayer and assisting with the projects to establish mission stations among those who need to hear the Gospel.

Partnering to Advance the Gospel

Open Door Baptist Missions and Morningside Baptist Church is partnering with churches and national missionaries in the following ways.

  • Assisting a Bible College & Seminary in the construction of a new, larger campus.

  • Sent a 20-foot container of theology and ministry books for the Bible college.

  • Sent food and relief aid to churches attacked and tormented by the military junta.

  • Assisted national missionaries in establishing new mission stations among unreached peoples.

  • Provided resources and equipment for missionaries ministering to unreached peoples.

Thank you for praying and partnering with us to advance the Gospel in Myanmar!

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